Barnstable Town Council Subcommittees

Barnstable Town council subcommittees are an important and integral part of local leadership. In her first year as a town councilor, Kris Clark is serving on two subcommittees and as liaison to five other committees.

Town Council Subcommittees members
Seven Town Council Members Sworn in by Town Clerk, Ann Quirk

Kris is serving on the following Town Council Subcommittees:

  • Asset Management Advisory Committee
  • Committee to Review Zoning and Permitting Regulations

And Town Council Liaison to the Committees Below:

  • Shellfish Committee
  • Land Acquisition and Preservation Committee
  • Hyannis Main Street Waterfront Historic District Commission (with Councilor Cullum)
  • Old King’s Highway Historic District Committee (with Councilor Starr)
  • Sandy Neck Board (with Councilor Starr)

For more information on these subcommittees, visit the Town of Barnstable website and click on Boards and Committees.

Also, if you have concerns about your neighborhood, town issues or other town council interests, please reach out to Kris by phone or by email. Remember, engaging with your local government is the a great way to ensure you have a voice in local government.


Phone: 508-428-8754

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